Archive: Daily Metal Prices by Currency

Access all previously published metal price data for multiple currencies going back to 2010. For USD rates our archive goes back to 2000 and can be accessed here.

Metal Prices for Specific Currencies and Dates

Click on the specified currency to view dates with metal prices available in that currency. Note that not all currencies will be available for all dates. For the most comprehensive list of metals prices by date see our Metal Prices by Date Archive.

Spot Prices Updated Daily

Updated daily. Spot prices on 23 base metals, precious metals, rare metals and materials PLUS charts and historical prices going back as far as January 2000.

NEW We've added 7 new metals and materials including: Uranium, Neodymium, Lithium, Gallium, Indium, Tellurium and Steel Rebar!

NEW ARCHIVE We've added a metal price archive with metal prices going back to 2000 in USD and back to 2010 in other national currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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